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As I write this, we are in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis in the UK. All but essential services are in lock-down and inevitably, there is plenty of uncertainty and concern both about the present and the future.

John Hughes Managing Director 

Against this backdrop, car finance is arguably insignificant, especially when for so many, apart from those essential front-line people in the NHS, retail, police, care homes and other key workers the use of a car is largely a redundant thought. However, a customer’s monthly payment to retain their car for brighter days and retaining their credit standing is a thought, concern and worry that we fully understand people will have.

We have been around as a business for over thirty years and count many customers as friends. Even if we are not, as is inevitable, on first-name terms, we do care. For this reason we have sought to ease the car finance burden of our customers in these uncertain times. Yes, of course we do want our customers to ultimately pay for their vehicle because we too have bills to pay and the main one is being able to support our own people. However, we recognise that in supporting our end user clients through these difficult times when finances are most stretched and by lightening the load in the short-term, we are doing just that.

We don’t have just one choice in our offer of assistance; we will work one out on an individual basis right down to a three month payment holiday where we are just asking customers to repay anything from £1 per month up to what they can reasonably afford during the payment holiday period. We also recognise that the self-employed may need additional assistance and we will do what we can to offer support there also.

So, why I’m sure you might wonder is this item headlined; ‘Thank you’?

In short, in some of the most difficult and stressful times I can remember, I’m touched that so many people have taken the time to say such positive things about the approach we have taken to this crisis. Before sharing a few of these comments, I want to say ‘Thank You’, hence the headline to our customers. Thank you for maintaining your repayments at whatever level you have been able to afford and ‘thank you’ for taking the time to give us the positive feedback you have. Financial services often comes in for criticism and I’m proud that our personal approach is being appreciated.

Please don’t get me wrong, I know we don’t and won’t always get everything right, but the positive feedback received over recent days, suggests that we are getting it right at probably the most important time any of us can remember.

Thank you to all of our customers and can I wish you, your family, friends and colleagues the very best of health.

John Hughes (Managing Director)



All comments are verbatim and unedited.

I would like to both thank and congratulate the people within your company who made the policy decision to allow a finance holiday. When you’re a self-employed taxi driver in the current coronavirus situation, for most of us the vehicle repayment is probably our most expensive outlay so with virtually no income our major headache. 

The decision by you was made very quickly and the process very simple. Well done Mann Island the government should take notice.

The way Mann Island have helped me means that for vehicle finance, I will never use anyone else ever again.

Mann Island have been more helpful than most; one offered me a one month holiday then wanted the agreement brought back in line the following month. Another, where we had multiple vehicles over the years and had just finished paying off all but one asked for the whole balance in full and on time, no holiday no discount.

For a small company, you have been faultless in contacting me and not only providing me with financial support by offering the payment holiday, you have also helped by providing information on the process and how it works.

 It’s refreshing talking to a company that is putting me first and all the staff I’ve spoken to have been so friendly – especially reception.

 Please pass on my thanks for being such a friendly and approachable company and I will recommend you to everyone I know.

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